The Ultimate Prepper Firearm

Screen Shot 2012 07 23 at 10.25.23 PM 300x292 The Ultimate Prepper FirearmAs an expert in firearms and a firearms instructor, I often get asked by many who are prepping what the ultimate prepper gun is.  As much as a love all things firearms, I hate that question because there really isn’t a good answer.

There is a reason that there are so many different types of firearms on the market today.   There are so many different applications from self defense, to hunting and concealment. Obviously you would not want to hunt with a handgun if you can help it and an AR15 is kind of hard to conceal in your waistband.  So deciding on the ultimate weapon for preppers, or better yet, for urban survival can be difficult.

Lets change the approach from one of deciding on the ultimate weapon to deciding on the ultimate caliber.  Again, this is hard because each caliber has a specific purpose..  But since you asked, I will give you an answer.

For my money, in a survival situation where there are so many consideration like weight of the round (not the caliber but the actual weight of a box of rounds), versatility and availability, the .22 caliber gives you the best bang for your buck.  Specifically, the .22 long rifle.

Before you freak out and disgard what I’m saying, let me explain.

The .22 long riffle is the most common caliber in the world today.  I have never been to a gun store looking at ammunition when they didn’t have plenty of .22 rounds.  Can’t always say that for 9mm, 45 and especially not 5.56.  So in a survival situation, you are more likely to be able to scrounge for .22 long rifle ammo than you are any other caliber. It’s nice to have a gun that shots 45 ACP, but it does you no good if you run out of ammo.

And running out of ammo brings me to my next point.  In the same space, you can carry a lot more .22 cal rounds than say 45 ACP and it weights much less.  If you have to bug out, space and weight are deffinately a consideration.

Should the world end as we know it (could happen) and money becomes obsolete, you will still need a way to purchase goods and services.  Ammunition might be just that currency you need to get along.  Since .22 long rifle is the most abundant, meaning, guns that shoot that round are very prevalent, it is a good bet that you will be able to find somebody who you can trade rounds with in exchange for whatever they have that you need.

On the flip side, should you chose to go with a firearm that shots a .22 long rifle round and your gun breaks, your odds of finding another gun that takes that round is high.  And there are handguns and rifles that both take the round.

On the negative side, the .22 long rifle round is not necessarily as deadly if you are hunting big game as a larger round is and it certainly doesn’t have the knock down power of a 45 ACP.  Certainly a .22 can be deadly which is proven by the statistic that more people are killed every year by that round than with any other caliber, but in a different way.  Instead of driving deep into the body and delivering a ton of power, a .22 tends to act like a pinball, bouncing all around off bone as it leaves a destructive path in its wake.

But make no mistake about it, the .22 long rifle round is deadly.

In my opinion, you should not restrict yourself to just the .22 long rifle round.  Instead, add it to what you already have, but deffineatley add it.

Now, for my choice in the ultimate prepper firearm given what I just said.  My recommendation is the Ruger 10/22 riffle. I first discovered this weapon a few years ago when I purchased one for my son.  We have put hundreds of round through it and never had any issue making it a very dependable gun.  It is also very versatile and allows for numerous accessories to be added and different configurations.  And you can never go wrong with a Ruger.  Oh, and to add the icing on the cake, it’s a relatively inexpensive gun making it affordable to anybody on a budge.

So consider adding this versatile and plentiful round to your toolbox and get yourself the ultimate prepper firearm, the Ruger 10/22, and never run nut of ammunition should “it” happen.

Dont’ just survive, thrive.


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  1. nice post, and I agree – a solid .22 is a great way to go

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